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Yin Yin Huang

Concert Pianist, Composer, and Teacher

Yin Yin Huang is an renowned international concert pianist and dedicated music teacher. She is also the founder and artistic director of the Acevedo Music and Arts Education Foundation and the City of Alhambra's Woman of the Year.

She formerly studied under Bernardo Segall (a pupil of Alexander Siloti, who had studied under Franz Liszt). She dedicates her life work to uplifting the community through music and inspires her students to do the same. She is the 2009 Alhambra Woman of the Year and Artistic Director of the Acevedo Foundation, a nonprofit music service organization. Born in Taiwan, Yin Yin Huang began her piano lessons at the age of 8. and made her concert debut at the age of sixteen with the Chinese Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and soon thereafter with the Formosa Chamber Orchestra. She received her BA from the University of Culture in Taipei and was Assistant Professor at Taiwan Theological College. After migrating to the United States, she received her master's degree from California State University of Los Angeles. Ms. Huang has collaborated and performed with renowned artists in Italy, Asia, Europe, United States and Central America, including Lang Lang and Baritone Dr. William Warfield. 

"From the moment Huang set her fingers to the keys, there was instant electricity."

Pasadena Weekly News, 2008 Love Amermenia Concert

"Yin Yin Huang performed de Falla and Ginestera with such passion and exuberance ..."

Luis Giron May, Guatemalen Opera Star

"This is the core of Acevedo’s impeccable teaching: firm, yet encouraging ..."

Adventures for a Dreamland for Musicians


Yin Yin Huang to perform in the 13th Annual Midsummer Night Concert

'In honor of the victims of 9/11'


Taiwan Earthquake Relief Fund Concert

June 8th 2024 2:00 to 3:00 pm